frequently asked questions

Can I Bring my own bottles?
Yes, bringing your own bottles helps to keep the cost down. Make sure that after you drink the beer, you rinse the bottles thoroughly and store them in a clean closed crate or carton. When you bring your clean bottles into Brew Works we will assist you to sanitize the bottles before filling with beer. We cannot use dirty or mouldy bottles as this will contaminate your beer and it will spoil quickly. Brew Works has new bottles for sale if they are needed.
Why do I need to keep my Brew Works beer refrigerated?
Your Brew Works beer has no added chemicals or preservatives and it is not pasteurised. This means that your beer has maximum flavour and you will feel better the next day. As a result your beer must be kept refrigerated to avoid spoilage and loss of flavour. Refermentation can also occur if your beer is not refrigerated. As long as your beer is kept cold, it will last up to 6 months in the fridge.
Do I need to make an appointment?
Yes, if you wish to brew it is best to make an appointment. This ensures that a kettle will be ready for you when you arrive.
Can I use my own kegs?
Yes ,bring in your kegs and we will clean and sanitize them before adding your filtered and carbonated beer.
How much beer will I make?
Each brew makes approximately 50 litres of beer. This equates to 144 x330 ml bottles (6 slabs of beer) or 3 x 19 l kegs
What are my options if I cannot store 50 litres of beer in the fridge?
Why not share a brew with one or 2 friends? This would give you 2- 3 slabs of beer each. Not to mention that it is always fun to have an extra hand at bottling time!! Otherwise talk to us, we may be able to offer limited storage in our coolroom.
Can Brew Works accommodate people with reduced mobility?
Certainly, our premises are wheelchair friendly and our staff are only too happy to assist if needed.
Brew Works sounds like fun. Can I organise a group activity?
Yes, It can be fun to brew with a buddy or organise several friends for an action packed bucks afternoon activity or corporate bonding. The bonus is that there will be beer for all.